PennzSuppress D controls dust, stabilizes soil and controls erosion

In the early 1990’s, Pennzoil, Co. developed a product to address ongoing dust issues for the mining industry. The outcome of years of research was PennzSuppress® D: a unique, patented product designed to safely control dust, stabilize soil and control erosion from silt run-off from unpaved roads, construction yards, parks, fields, forests, etc.

Many dust suppressants at that time (and even today) were made with inadequately refined, potentially carcinogenic petroleum sludge which was diluted with flammable, highly volatile solvents. Other solutions contain chemicals which are corrosive to vehicles and other equipment which are in contact with treated areas and harmful to the environment.

Dust suppression and soil stabilization aids the environment

With the continued trend toward stricter enforcement of health, safety and environmental regulations, PennzSuppress® D has become ever more important for industries and government entities affected by soil erosion and dust problems.  Not only is it compliant with the Clean Air Act, PennzSuppress® D is proven to be a cost effective way to reduce dust-related health and environmental concerns, extend equipment life, and conserve water –perhaps our most precious natural resource.

In 2011, PennzSuppress Corp. was formed and purchased the PennzSuppress brand, patents and trademarks. The new owners are committed to creating a cleaner, healthier environment for us all. To that end, we are introducing the PennzSuppress brand to industries affected by adverse and difficult dust and soil conditions.

PennzSuppress® D is becoming the gold standard for effective and environmentally friendly dust suppression and soil stabilization. As environmental requirements become tougher, it is PennzSuppress Corp’s mission to make it easy and cost effective for our clients to be environmentally responsible. With the help of PennzSuppress, grass grows better on hillsides, soil can be effectively stabilized, and dust stays on the ground– where it belongs.

According to PennzSuppress Corp. President, Chuck Johnson, “With droughts affecting numerous parts of the country, water is becoming an increasingly precious resource. Thus, it is imperative that we control dust and stabilize soil with more permanent, eco-friendly solutions. We are proud that PennzSuppress® D has been extensively tested, and proven to be safe for workers and the environment.It was the first dust suppressant to achieve certification by the California Environmental Protection Agency. In addition, PennzSuppress® D has been approved by a number of the toughest government agencies and has proven to save 80% or more of the water used in normal dust control applications.”

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