PennzSuppress® D effectively addresses Dust Control, Water Conservation, Soil Stabilization and Erosion Control

PennzSuppress serves clients by controlling dust and stabilizing soil conditions in oil & gas, mining, agriculture, government, construction, military and other industries. Clients turn to us to find a solution for a variety of distinctive challenges including, but not limited to: dust suppression, soil retention and erosion control. Equipped with the performance-proven soil technology and unwavering expertise, PennzSuppress economically meets each client’s objectives. What continues to set us apart from others is the fact that our environmentally-friendly product was engineered to fit with the natural landscape and has been rigorously tested to guarantee its eco-friendly qualities.

Dust Control

PennzSuppress® D cost effectively manages dust control and dust reduction problems. 

Dust causes various problems. Vehicular traffic disperses excessive amounts of dust into the environment causing air pollution respiratory and other health problems, visibility hazards, crop damage and complaints from residents and businesses. The EPA has strict open-air dust control regulations in place, and companies which do not abide by the law may be struck with large fines.

With the trend toward stricter enforcement of health, safety and environmental regulations, PennzSuppress® D provides a cost-effective way to reduce dust-related health and environmental concerns, while complying with clean air and water requirements. PennzSuppress® D works by agglomerating smaller particles into larger particle masses that are less susceptible to form airborne dust. Our product will ensure that you not only meet regulatory requirements, but will also improve surface appearance, extend equipment life, increase productivity and increase efficiency in the long-run. PennzSuppress® D is performance-proven to reduce dust emissions by 98%.

Water Conservation

Save money and conserve water by using PennzSuppress® D to control dust, halt erosion and stabilizesoil.
Many businesses rely solely on water to control dust emissions. This short-term solution costs thousands of dollars every week in labor, equipment, fuel supplies, and wastes precious water. Furthermore, water accelerates road deterioration, creating washboards, ruts and potholes which must be reworked and refilled. PennzSuppress® D provides a long-term solution that will provide significant cost-savings compared to water-alone, while helping you contribute to a healthier planet.

Surface Road Stabilization

PennzSuppress® D binds particles to help stabilize soil and control dust. 

Not only does PennzSuppress® D control dust and reduce particles in the air, but it is also a highly effective compacting agent for road surfaces. Traditional mechanical efforts are only partially effective and do not ensure the longevity of your efforts. PennzSuppress® D can assist in this process by increasing the strength of soils by altering their cohesive qualities.  After the product is applied in its diluted form, the water evaporates and the active ingredients agglomerate, binding the soil particles together and creating a more stable surface. This stabilization increases the load-bearing potential and long-term resilience of the area, saving you time, materials and money, thus enhancing productivity.

Erosion Control

PennzSuppress® D works as a soil sealant to control erosion and suppress dust.

For erosion control projects, PennzSuppress® D works as a soil sealant by penetrating deep into the ground to improve the cohesion of the soil surface. This improved cohesion significantly decreases the amount of material available to erode by either wind or water action. At the same time, since PennzSuppress® D does not inhibit plant growth, it is an extremely useful binding agent. When mixed and sprayed with hydro seed, it acts as a tackifier until root growth progresses, to provide a means to further reduce or prevent surface soil movement and seed loss. These qualities make PennzSuppress® D a very effective product for controlling erosion on overpasses, entry ways, new construction and any other areas which will grow vegetation or ground cover. Our product can also be used to provide temporary reduction of surface soil movement until more permanent measures are taken to eliminate or control erosion.