Dust Control

Dust Control

PennzSuppress® D cost dramatically reduces dust and eliminates dust-related health and environmental concerns.

Dust causes various problems that cause clients to turn to dust control. Vehicular traffic disperses excessive amounts of dust into the environment, causing air pollution, respiratory, and other health problems, visibility hazards, crop damage, and complaints from residents and businesses.


With the trend toward stricter enforcement of health, safety, and environmental regulations, PennzSuppress® D provides a cost-effective way to reduce dust-related health and environmental concerns, while complying with clean air and water requirements. Water solutions act only as a short-term solution that not only cost thousands of dollars every week in labor, equipment, and fuel supplies, but also accelerate road deterioration, creating washboards, ruts and potholes, which must be reworked and refilled.

PennzSuppress® D works by agglomerating smaller particles into larger particle masses that are less susceptible to form airborne dust. Our product will not only meet regulatory requirements for dust control, but will also improve surface appearance, extend equipment life, reduce maintenance costs, increase productivity, and increase efficiency in the long-run. PennzSuppress® D is performance-proven to control dust and reduce emissions by 98% and consistently outlasts the competition, ensuring long-term cost savings.  

When it comes to applying PennzSuppress D for your needs, our experts will help you evaluate the road surface and, if necessary, prep the road for dust control. The appropriate dilution and application rate of PennzSuppress® D will depend on the road composition, weather patterns, and traffic patterns. This tailored approach ensures that we find the most economically efficient solution to your dust control or soil stabilization problems. We can provide you with a turnkey application service, or you can choose to use your own equipment with guidance from PennzSuppress along the way.

On road shoulders, temporary construction roads, unpaved rural roads, drill pad sites, or parking areas, the work of PennzSuppress D begins where the pavement ends.