Prime Coat

Prime Coat




PennzSuppress® D shows deeper penetration and stronger cohesion compared to other prime coats

PennzSuppress® D is a safe, stable, water-based emulsion that improves the cohesion of the road base material and promotes a better bond between the asphalt pavement and the underlying base course. The application of prime coat material to the top of compacted granular road bases has been tested and proven to be beneficial to pavement stabilization and life expectancy.

For years the most commonly used prime coat material was MC-30, a solvent cutback asphalt that releases Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) and creates ground level ozone that is harmful to the environment. To significantly reduce VOC emissions, the Clean Air Act prompted regulation that prohibits the use of solvent cutback asphalt as prime coat and suggests the use of water-based emulsions which are relatively pollution free. While water-based asphalt emulsions are readily available, many of these prime coat substitutes have been found to have shallow penetration potentials which can reduce effectiveness and cause messy surface tracking.

PennzSuppress® D contains no VOC solvents and requires no heating. Its performance features are comparable to and exceed solvent cutback asphalt. It provides road builders the opportunity to use an effective prime coat without compromising air quality. Research has proven that PennzSuppress® D promotes adhesion and strengthens road base surfaces, penetrates deeper than solvent cutback asphalt, reduces moisture susceptibility and migration, and suppresses dust. 

Benefits of using PennzSuppress D as a prime coat:

  • Promotes adhesion
  • Superior penetration
  • Provides a dust-free surface
  • Reduces moisture susceptibility
  • Safe, stable, and requires no heating