Soil & Surface Road Stabilization

Soil & Surface Road Stabilization

PennzSuppress® D binds particles to help stabilize soil, strengthen road base, and control dust.

Not only does PennzSuppress® D control dust and reduce particles in the air, but it is also a highly effective compacting agent for road surfaces. The environmentally-safe agent eliminates wind and water erosion problems on steep embankments bordering highway overpasses and bridges, roads, airport runways, and stormwater channels. It performs in demanding weather conditions to stabilize the soil and prevent erosion from occurring.

Traditional mechanical solutions are only partially effective and do not ensure the longevity of your efforts. PennzSuppress® D can assist in this process by increasing the strength of soils by altering their cohesive qualities.  After the product is easily applied in its diluted form, the water evaporates and the active ingredients agglomerate, binding the soil particles together and creating a more stable surface. This stabilization increases the load-bearing potential and long-term resilience of the area, saving you time, materials and money, thus enhancing productivity.

Tests showed PennzSuppress D treated roads to be:

  • 43% stronger than unprimed limestone
  • 31% stronger than generic asphalt emulsion
  • 14% stronger than MC30

Using PennzSuppress D for your stabilization needs:

  • Improves the strength of the road base
  • Helps the road last longer
  • Reduces routine maintenance requirements
  • Reduces the required thickness of required pavement overlays
  • For unpaved roads, reduces the loss of fine particles and improves the compaction of the materials